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Enrico Coveri Art.102165


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Enrico Coveri’s world is glamourous, hyperchromatic, eccentric and lively: it mixes the brightest colours on iconic prints with great mastery, by creating a versatile wardrobe which never goes unnoticed. The fashion of the brand, designed for a universe moving from male to female collections, from junior clothes to accessories, remains loyal to a playful spirit: it can break the rules and be sarcastic about its shapes, in an endless game where fashion unavoidably meets art, music and traditions, by sensing and often anticipating the trends of a world which goes increasingly fast.

Store Size Quantity
Ganību Dambis 24A 6-8 4 pcs.
Ganību Dambis 24A 10-12 4 pcs.
Prūšu iela 4 6-8 4 pcs.
Prūšu iela 4 10-12 5 pcs.
Stabu iela 43 6-8 1 pcs.
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